Dr. Lee’s area of interest includes renal transplant, men’s health, male subfertility, advanced minimally invasive kidney and prostate surgeries, laparoscopic and

robotic surgery.

2020 Lecture

· “Innovations in the Treatment of BPH ” (Jun 2020) StarMed Specialist Center CME

· “Management of Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis” ( July 2020) Mount Elizabeth Hospital Urology PRL

International meetings

· “fURS: Techniques and Adjuncts to Maximise Efficacy” (Apr 2020), North China Young Urologist Online Forum

· “An Overview on Simultaneous Pancreas & Kidney Transplantation” (Jul 2020), Urofair Virtual 2020 Plenary Session

2019 Lecture

· “What is the latest in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment?” (Mar 2019), StarMed Specialist Centre CME

· “Metabolic Health & Testosterone” (Apr 2019), Bayer Singapore

· “Diagnosis and Treatment Update on Urinary Stones” (Jun 2019), StarMed Specialist Centre CME

· “Management of LUTS in Primary Care” (Jul 2019) , Astellas Singapore

· “Optimising Male Fertility” (Jul 2019), Abbott Singapore

· “Innovations in the Treatment of BPH”( Nov 2019), StarMed Specialist Centre CME

International meetings

· “LUTS in Aging Male, Physiology of Male Erection and Ejaculation, Male Ejaculatory Disorders, Treatment of Male Ejaculatory Disorders

Male Urethritis Syndrome” (Jun 2019), 5th Certificate Course in Andrology

· “CPPS: Pitfalls & Treatments, Prostate Cancer – GPs CME” (Nov 2019), 6th Certificate Course in Andrology

2018 Lectures

  • “Instruments, Equipment, Suture choice and Techniques” (Apr 2018), The Essential Laparoscopic Suturing Course
  • “Google is Not Your Friend!” (Jul 2018), Urofair GP Symposium
  • “What is the latest in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment?” (Dec 2018), StarMed Specialist Centre CME
  • “Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy” (Dec 2018), Parkway Video Assisted Surgical Intervention Workshop

International meetings

  • “Updates on Living Kidney Donor Nephrectomy” ( Mar 2018), Transplant Nephrology & Urology Review Course 
  • ” Anti-Retropulsive Techniques and Devices in URS” (May 2018), Semi-Live Seminar – Focus on Endourology
  • “Management of Male Sexual Dysfunction, Varicocele and Testicular Sperm Retrieval for the Gynaecologist” (May 2018),5th SGH SOAR (Starting Out on Assisted Reproduction)
  • “Multiple Arteries – Approaches during donor nephrectomy & transplantation” (Jul 2018), Urofair 2018, Singapore

2017 Lectures

· “Andropause: Fact or Fiction?” (Feb 2017), SGH GP Forum: Keeping Abreast with Men’s Health

· “Instruments, Equipment, Suture choice and Techniques” ( Apr 2017), The Essential Laparoscopic Suturing Course

International meetings

  • “Best Practices in Clinical Endourology” (Mar 2017), Stone Live Workshop, Hanoi
  • “Advances in Near Infrared Guided Surgery in Urology” (Aug 2017), Advanced Kidney Workshop, Singapore
  • “Management of Ureteric Strictures” (Nov 2017), Advanced Endourology Workshop, Malaysia

2016 Lectures

· “Anaesthesia and the Laparoscopic Surgeon, Access and Related Complications, Instrumentation, Equipment and Sutures in Laparoscopic Suturing,

Extra and Intracorporeal Knotting Techniques” (Feb 2016), Advanced Laparoscopic Urology Workshop

· “Optimization of equipment settings and surgical field arrangement & ergonomics, Tips & Tricks and pitfalls of knot-tying” (Mar 2016) The Essential Laparoscopic Suturing Course

· “Priapism: Approaching a hard problem. Male Infertility: Optimising fertility potential for men” (Apr 2016), Certificate Course on Practical Andrology

· “Overactive Bladder” (May 2016), SGH GP Forum: Urolithiasis-The Hard Truth

  • Management of Male Sexual Dysfunction and Varicocoele” (May 2016), 3rd SGH SOAR (Starting Out in Assisted Reproduction)

· “Practical Approach to Management of Erectile Dysfunction, Case Studies in BPH for Family Physicians” (Jul 2016) , UAA Congress GP Symposium

· “Set-up, Instruments, Sutures and Techniques” (Dec 2016), The Essential Laparoscopic Suturing Course

International meetings

  • “Renal Transplantation – Management of Common Postoperative Complications” (Jul 2016), Urology Residents’ Course, Singapore
  • “Advances in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis” (Aug 2016), Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital Medical Exchange
  • “Premature Ejaculation: Current Management and Future Developments” (Sep 2016), 3rd Annual Conference of Andrology in Chinese Medical Doctor

Association in Combination with 1st Annual Conference of Asian Andrology Association

2015 Lectures

  • “Laparoscopic Nephrectomy” (May 2015), Advanced Laparoscopic Workshop
  • “The Quest for Paternity: Current Guidelines” (May 2015), Certificate Course on Practical Andrology
  • “Contemporary Surgical Treatment of BPH” (Jul 2015), SGH Urology GP Forum
  • ” Renal Transplantation” (Sep 2015), Urology Nursing Course 2015

International meetings

  • “Sperm Retrieval Techniques” (Mar 2015), Urofair Subfertility Masterclass
  • “Recent Advances in Renal Transplantation” (Jun 2015), SingHealth/Zircon Medical Event Yangon,Myanmmar
  • “Management of Male Sexual Dysfunction” (Aug 2015), 10th Singapore International Congress of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Pre-congress Workshop, Singapore
  • “Is It Safe To Donate My Kidney? Long And Short-Term Outcomes After Kidney Donation. ” (Oct 2015), 2nd SingHealth Surgical Congress,
  • Singapore

2014 Lectures

  • Premature Ejaculation” (Feb 2014), SGH GP Forum-Common Urological Conditions: A Clinical Update
  • “Laparoscopic Nephrectomy” (Jul 2014), Advanced Laparoscopic Workshop
  • “Surgical Procedure of Renal Transplant” (May & Oct 2014), 7th, 8th Renal Transplant Nursing Course
  • “Sexual Dysfunction & Sexuality [following uro-oncology treatment]”( Sep 2014), National Cancer Centre In-service

International meetings

  • “Managing Postoperative and Long Term Complications Following Renal Transplantation” (Aug 2014), Urology Residents’ Course

2013 Lectures

  • ” Update on Renal Transplantation in SGH” (Jul 2103), Hospital Wide Clinical Meeting
  • “Prostatitis!” (Jul 2013), Certificate Course on Practical Andrology
  • “Update on Medical Therapy in BPH” (23 Sep), SGH Urology 25th Anniversary GP Forum
  • “Practical Assessment and Management of Erectile Dysfunction” (Nov 2013), SingHealth Lunchtime Series GP CME
  • “Surgical Procedure of Renal Transplant” (May & Oct 2013), 5th, 6th Renal Transplant Nursing Course

International meetings

  • “Techniques in Renal Transplantation” (Jul 2013), Surgical Transplant Workshop

Public Seminars

  • “Prostate & Kidney Cancer: What I Need to Know?” (Jun 2020), DLG Prudential Online Webinar
  • “Prostate Cancer: Facts, Myths & Treatment” (Jun 2020), KGI Securities

  • “What your urine can tell you about your health?” (May 2019), GE Talk
  • ” 前列腺肥大, 男人避而不谈的宿命吗” (May 2019), StarMed SPH Health No 1 Seminar
  • ” Optimising Male Fertility” (Jun 2019), Singapore Women Entrepreneur Summit
  • “What can your uine tell you about your health?” (Oct 2019), KGI Securities
  • “Diabetes Mellitus and Kidney Disease” (Oct 2019), Bedok Safety Group
  • ” Am I at Risk For Prostate Cancer?” (Nov 2019), StarMed Men’s Night
  • ” The Lust For Life: Sex in the Golden Ages” (Nov 2019), Eldercare Exhibition & Conference Asia (ELDEX) 2019

  • “A Perfect Storm: Diabetes and Kidney Disease”(Mar 2018), Plus! Talks: Your Health, Your Future
  • “Kidney Stone Prevention& Treatment: Facts vs Fiction” (Mar 2018), The Business Times Executive Health Series
  • “Man Up to Prostate Cancer” (Jul 2018), NTUC Income Talk
  • “Sexual Health after Colorectal Cancer Treatment” (Jun 2018), Colorectal Cancer Support Group Forum
  • “Past your prime? Understanding andropause and getting back in the game.” (Jul 2018), Mount Elizabeth Novena Public Forum

  • “Symptoms and Detection of Prostate Cancer” (Nov 2017), Singapore Cancer Society: Lung and Prostate Cancer Public Forum
  • “Are you getting old or do you have TDS?” (Nov 2017), The Straits Times Mind & Body Public Forum
  • “Urinary Tract Infections” (Nov 2017), Orchard Road Business Association Health Talk

  • “What is Kidney Transplantation? ” (Oct 2015), SingHealth Transplant Academic Meeting Public Forum – Let’s Talk About Transplant
  • “Stopping the Leak and Maintaining a Sex Life after Treatment of Prostate Cancer” (Nov 2015), Singapore Urology Association/ Singapore Cancer Society Public Forum

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